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Hi Tony,

At this point, I've not done a lot of comparison between the HTML from marked and that generated from GitHub.

It terms of visual appearance, there are likely to be a number of differences. Including the styling of the headings and of code blocks, as you mention. The marked output is just the HTML rendering and is without any CSS styles. To match the visual appearance from GitHub, you would need to create, or possible re-use, a CSS stylesheet that provided the GitHub appearance.


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Hi, Simon:

How closely were you able to get marked to follow the conventions of github-flavored-markup?  I ask because I am writing API documentation using GFM and am super happy with the display on GitHub, but not what I'm able to get using marked.

The markup:

The "marked" output is only running locally at the moment, so I've attached it.  The code blocks and lack of horizontal rules are the most obvious differences.  Any ideas?



On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 1:53 PM, Bates, Simon <sbates at<mailto:sbates at>> wrote:
This morning I created a Grunt config for infusion-docs to build the docs locally:

It uses grunt-markdown which in turn uses marked.

The config processes all *.md files in the top level and writes HTML files to an html/ directory.

There will be an issue with local links -- we are currently targeting reading on GitHub and as such our link destinations are the *.md files. With this build config, those links won't work. Let's continue with using the *.md links for now while we figure out our deployment strategy.

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