Working with repos that use gh-pages as the primary branch.

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Thu Jan 30 17:11:52 UTC 2014

There was some discussion in the fluid-work IRC channel today regarding working with gh-pages branches in some of our repos. 

Here is a summary of my recommendation.

Note that this is only for repositories that are solely used for publishing themselves through github pages. 

Use gh-pages as the canonical branch, since this is expected to hold the latest stable version
Point github at the gh-pages branch for the main branch to display on the github repo page
Remove the master branch from the repo 
this is to avoid confusion about which is the canonical branch
In progress work should be done in an appropriately named branch till it is ready to be published (merged into gh-pages)
e.g. FLUID-XXXX-site-redesign
once merged into gh-pages,this branch can be dropped
typical pull request / review applies to both the in progress branch and gh-pages branch
If we switch from github pages and host elsewhere, we should convert the gh-pages back into a branch called master

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