Improving Our Demos

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Wed Jan 29 21:40:01 UTC 2014

I like these explanatory overlays. And I like the thought of ditching the demo portal in favour of a more holistic set of demos. Nice designs, Joanna!

I think, as the King has mentioned to us many times in the past, that this points to the idea that we should consider separating the UI components from the core framework of Infusion. This will allow us start to put components like the Video Player on equal footing with, say, the Uploader. Infusion UI? :)


On Jan 29, 2014, at 4:26 PM, Michelle D'Souza <michelled33 at> wrote:

> As she was going through the design process, it became clear that the current demo portal in Infusion is a source of confusion. Joanna's redesign of the build site page provides direct links to the demos instead of showcasing only a small slice of the demo in an iframe. We think it would be better to get rid of the demo portal all together, and instead use the redesigned 'project' pages to showcase our demos.
> You can see her preliminary designs here: 
> This might be a nice, small change to make prior to the 1.5 Infusion release.

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