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Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Tue Jan 28 19:25:01 UTC 2014

On Jan 28, 2014, at 11:19 AM, Justin Obara <obara.justin at> wrote:

> "Why Weld?" is a good question. The simple answer is that it doesn't require any special syntax mixed in with the markup. This allows for clean templates that are valid markup. Which fits with our philosophies in Infusion and will be an easier transition if we switch to an internally made rendering system some time in the future.
> That being said, since none of them support it directly and we can write plugins for all of them, maybe we can defer this to later and just start wtih Jade for our evaluation.

As a community, we have been dedicated to exploring alternatives to the “all mixed together” model of templating that is the prevailing style inherited from PHP. We should continue to pursue this value of unobtrusiveness and separation of the architectural layers with the tools we use for our own work.

Writing a plugin for Weld templates will also be an excellent opportunity to verify the flexibility of the options we are considering. Keep in mind that within the next year or so, we will have our new Renderer available, and will undoubtedly want to integrate it into whatever solution we end up choosing. Let’s not loose sight of the big picture while choosing shorter-term technologies to use in our community.

I hope this helps clarify,


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