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Jonathan Hung jhung at
Tue Jan 28 14:12:35 UTC 2014

> 2) Good templating engine. Weld <> seems to
> be the best choice of templating engines as it uses standard markup for
> templates.

What are the reasons for using Weld? eco and Jade are pretty prominent
these days and may be worth considering. Should we evaluate templating
engines in a similar decision-making process since there are so many
varieties - each with their strengths and weaknesses?

I would like to suggest a 5th requirement for community support and

- Jon.

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 9:11 PM, Justin Obara <obara.justin at>wrote:

> About a week ago a discussion<>regarding static site generators was started in regards to the work on the
> site. In the end we went with the simple approach of just
> building the sites by hand, but have allocated time at the Feb 19th
> community meeting to discuss it further.
> I don't think we'll have enough time in a single community meeting to sort
> through all of the static site generators, get an understanding of their
> pros/cons, and make an informed decision. With that in mind I'd like to go
> through what the requirements should be and a proposal for which ones to
> test in preparation for the Feb 19th community meeting.
> Requirements:
> 1) node.js based.
> We are doing a lot of infrastructure work in node these days and it should
> provided a simpler route forward if/when we start working on an authoring
> tool. Also it will minimize the systems we need to maintain.
> 2) Good templating engine. Weld <> seems to
> be the best choice of templating engines as it uses standard markup for
> templates.
> 3) Open Source with a amenable license. For extending, contributing, and
> etc.
> 4) JSON-driven architecture
> Systems to test:
> There are at least 219 <> static site
> generators. We obviously don't have the time and resources to test all of
> them, and of course a lot won't meet the above requirements. I suggest we
> narrow this down to 2 primary options with a third as a first candidate
> replacement in case we run into any dire issues.
> Primary:
> DocPad <>
> Wintersmith <>
> Fall Back:
> Punch <>
> One note about all of the suggested static site generators above is that
> none of them natively support Weld templates; however they all support
> plugins for the templating engine. In each case we'll need to write our own
> plugin, but it doesn't appear that this should be too difficult. The only
> static site generator seen to use Weld natively is Blacksmith<>,
> although development on it hasn't been as consistent or recent as for the
> suggested ones.
> Thanks
> Justin
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