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On 2014-01-17, at 1:19 PM, Jonathan Hung wrote:

For<>, a static site makes sense because the site is rather small and the content doesn't change often.

How would a static site handle news items? There are currently 10 news items on the<> news page, each of which link to a separate page. I suppose if someone want to add a news item, they'd simply do it manually?

Perhaps the<> website would be a pilot?

I'm all for trying out potential Infusion Docs platforms on something other than the Infusion Docs :-) More seriously, it seems this is a reasonably small site, and so ripe for experimentation. I welcome the opportunity to learn more about DocPad by playing with a new<> site.

If we do use this opportunity to work with DocPad, I'd recommend making some notes as you work, something that could be converted into a tutorial for people who will need to add or update content. I'm sure DocPad itself comes with tutorials, but something that has been "filtered" down to what's relevant for our installation would be helpful, even if it's mostly references to where in the DocPad docs to focus.

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