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Fri Jan 3 23:15:33 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Motivated by IRC and office conversations about being inclusive and open with the design process, Jess, Dana, and I had a look through the wiki pages about design. We found that there were a lot of pages with duplicate and inaccurate information. We decided to spend some time cleaning pages up and making clear how others can get involved with the Fluid community. Some pages were deleted, but the content was transferred over to consolidating pages.

We wanted to make sure information on the methods we use to collaborate are easily available from the wiki. As there was no one page that explained all the communication mediums we use and the ways to contribute to the community, we updated the Collaborate page <> to link to all the available resources. This page is now also linked from the Fluid wiki homepage<>.

Reoccurring meetings are now linked from a Meetings page<>. Finally, a contributing design page<> was created to inform others on how to contribute to design. The page provides examples and best practises.  We tried to keep the content general and not specific to a particular project, in order to be applicable across all the projects and not easily outdated.

Looking forward to some feedback on this!

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