Grunt Build Scripts

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Wed Feb 19 11:29:00 EST 2014

Recently we made the switch from Ant to Grunt for driving our build scripts. This should both simplify the dependencies for creating a build, as well as improve the performance of running a build. 

Instructions for creating a package of Infusion are now located in the README file.

For the most part, things should be similar to the old process; however, there are a few notable differences.

The concatenated js file for an "all" build of infusion is now called "infusion-all.js"
The concatenated js file for a "custom" build of infusion is now called "infusion-custom.js"
The CSS files used by the Preferences Framework are not generated during a build.
for now the static files have been committed to the repo
this will be reimplemented after we switch to a css pre-processor (less, sass)

Another thing to keep in mind, is that from time-to-time we may need to update the build scripts. If any of the dependencies are changed, you will need to run npm install again.


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