Where license files should reside in the infusion build

Li, Cindy cli at ocadu.ca
Fri Feb 14 16:39:58 EST 2014


As you might have noticed, our infusion ant build scripts have been replaced by grunt in the master branch. Currently we are working on a couple of issues recently discovered with the new grunt scripts and a question was brought up: Where the license files from the third party libraries that infusion uses should sit in the build.

In our old build file, those license files, along with infusion’s own license file, are moved to a “licenses” directory at the root. We wonder if this is still necessary since every build comes with ReleaseNotes.txt, which has listed all software that is redistributed with Fluid Infusion and licenses they use. With this information in place, can license files from the third party libraries stay where they are in the “lib" directory?

Your thoughts?



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