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Hi Florian, my replies inline below.

I’m forwarding your question to GPII and fluid-work lists so other folks can input their thoughts or give a more recent update on the GPII server.

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Hi Cindy Li,

about two months ago I was asking you about your examples on the PCP and PMT. The reason was, that we are using the floating panel too and want to connect it with the gpii-preferences server. You sent me the links for the repository and the demo-implementations.
Finally we got that far that we now started with this integration and now I have got some questions, maybe you could give me a hint for that.

  *   In the current demo (demos/explorationTool/index.html) as well as in the other demos, I can’t see that they are connecting to the preferences server and loading some preferences. There is also no option to provide some user-token.
     *   question: is there a working demo, where actually some preferences are requested and received from the gpii-server and then pushed into the floating-panel?

GPII server is undergoing an operation which may affect its API for retrieving and saving preferences. If you are using GPII master branch (, these functionalities may not be working at this point. You may like to follow these issue tickets to be updated with the latest progress of this operation:

  *   I am in the situation, where I want to push the preferences into the floating panel but I could not figure out how to use the API to do that. But instead I did write the changes into the cookie and reload the site, which I’m sure is the wrong way
     *   question: do you know and have a link/hint how to use the API of the floating-panel to change the settings?

There’s not really an API to apply the preferences returned from the GPII server to the client. An example of how PCP and PMT does it:

Basically, a model transformation is used to transform back and forth between the object returned from the server and the model structure required by the local application.

Thanks and all the best regards,

Hope this would help.


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