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Tony Atkins tony at
Thu Aug 14 07:59:36 UTC 2014

Hi, All:

In order to implement the reviewer interface for the Common Terms Registry,
I need an accessible drop-down menu that I can wire into my data model, for
example to allow the user to select their language.  This would also be
used in an alternate form as a simple drop-down menu (logout links in a
"user" menu).  If you want to see it in situ, here are the mockups

My preference is to start with a select box, as it comes with decent
keyboard arrow support for free.  However, there are serious limitations on
how well you can style selects, as most browsers strongly impose their
implicit styling on them. Most sane approaches seem to hide the select
itself and present an alternate control in its place.

Last week, Antranig and I did a brief review of libraries that follow this
approach.  We talked about starting with jquery-selectbox:

There are some bugs with multi-selects
<> and Firefox
<> (I've filed issues
for both), but it seems as good a starting point as any.

I wanted to check in with the group and make sure that:

   1. No one has already created a fluid component that addresses the
   general need for drop-down menus and upstyled select boxes.  I haven't seen
   one in our demos or code repo.
   2. There are no other better starting points for this work.

Please comment.


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