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Fri Apr 25 16:50:08 UTC 2014

Yesterday afternoon, Michelle, Anastasia, Antranig, and I met to discuss a plan for the documentation for the 1.5 release.

Here's what we are thinking:

*       We will use Markdown formatted documents stored in GitHub for the documentation


*       We will try out Steve Githen's tool to extract documentation comments from source code for APIs

In the meeting, we identified the documentation currently in the wiki that we want to move over to Markdown and the other documentation tasks for 1.5.

The meeting notes are below.


Documentation good right now and to be moved over:

*       Developer Guide / How Infusion Works


*       API - some nodes are "good"

o   such as - modern and complete

o - old but somewhat correct

o - old, somewhat correct, but misleading since insufficiently declarative

o - old, mostly correct, but documents the renderer which we despise

o - rubbish and unhelpful

* - these are mostly correct and good since we have tried not to make component API changes for several releases now

*       Anything under Utilities can be "stevified"


Things we really want that need updating:

*       How to Guides may be out of date


*       Antranig to check through JIRA:

Simon to make JIRAs (Blocker 1.5 Component Technical Documentation):

*       Convert the non-API docs that we want to keep to markdown and commit to new doc space



*       Look over the How To Guides and identify what we want to keep and update

*       Find Steve's doc tool

*       Move individual API docs to comments in the source and use Steve's tool to generate docs

*       Investigate GitHub Pages as a deployment solution

*       Grunt task to concatenate individual Markdown files into a single file

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