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On 2014-04-24, at 4:55 AM, Tony Atkins wrote:

 I wanted to ask about FSS. On this page and other sections of the wiki demo documentation, we mentioned that FSS will be deprecated in 1.5:

However the content you sent includes demos for FSS that are built on 1.5:

Hi, Tony,

We will indeed be deprecating FSS in 1.5, but we will not actually be removing it yet. Since FSS will still technically be part of the 1.5 release, we've left the demos in place. When we formally remove FSS from the following Infusion release, we'll remove the demos as well.

My concern is that the two sources don't match.  We should draft a short explanation of whether it's deprecated, when people should or shouldn't use FSS.  That text should appear in the wiki and the demo site, IMO.

You're absolutely right. We will be ensuring that the status of FSS is clearly communicated with the 1.5 release.

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