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Jonathan Hung jhung at ocadu.ca
Wed Apr 23 15:26:15 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm just trying to wrap up the discussion about the CSS framework
recommendation for Infusion.

To summarize the following is the updated recommendation based on earlier

- CSS framework is not recommended for Fluid components at this time
primarily due to the lack of custom name spacing. Without proper name
spacing, there is a chance that there will be classname collisions which
will make it difficult to integrate Fluid components.

- CSS framework is fine to be used for websites, demos, and other
integration / non-component scenarios.

- Zurb Foundation is the suggested framework to be used.

- Continue using default styles in Fluid components and leave it to the
integrator to customize with their own CSS framework if they choose to.

- There may be an opportunity to add new features to Learner Preferences
that can transform CSS framework components (like navigation bars and
button links). Further discussion is encouraged.

- We will not create contrast themes for CSS frameworks. Creating a theme
is non-trivial (lots of values to adapt) and s high maintenance (each major
or minor release will need to be tested - occurs roughly once a month).

- Contrast theme generation using a CSS pre-processor to be investigated.
Possible pre-processors include: Less, SASS, and Stylus. This will be a
separate discussion.

For additional details, please refer to this document on the Fluid wiki:

We have already adopted some of these recommendations internally (i.e for
the FLOE Metadata Authoring
and we would like to formalize this going forward.

Please chime in.

- Jon.




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