Metadata Demo Revision 2 - initial testing and remaining tasks

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Thu Apr 17 12:38:02 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I did some initial testing of the Metadata Demo and uncovered some issues.
We would like to prioritize the remaining fixes / tasks if possible - so
your input is appreciated.

1. In Safari, when the overview panel is minimized, the "star" button to
maximize the overview panel should be visible but it is not. This area is
still clickable and would maximize the panel.

>From the user's perspective, it looks like the panel disappears unless they
manage to click this invisible zone in the top-left corner. This may be
related to styling (maybe z-index isn't set properly?).

2. If providing an URL to a valid video, the video does not render and
isn't playable in the Preview Content tab. This appears to be a regression
as the preview used to function in the previous demo.

This only happens if choosing "Create new resource" from the landing page.

3. Demo does not work in IE8, and IE9 - the following error appears in the
console in IE9:

No valid adapter found: pouchDBDataSource.js line 62 character 9

4. Various styling tasks:
- missing code styling for HTML Output tab
- initial "<article>" tag is indented too far in the output tab
- OpenSans permission is incorrect for IE

> @font-face failed Open-Type embedding permission check. Permission must be
> Installable: OpenSans-Regular.ttf
> @font-face failed Open-Type embedding permission check. Permission must be
> Installable: OpenSans-Bold.ttf

- Jon.




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