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We're aiming to have all of the open issues for Infusion 1.5 addressed by the end of April. This will allow us to ship Infusion 1.5 in early May. Below you'll find a list of the open issues sorted by assignee. If you are assigned, it will be your responsibility to shepherd the issue till it's addressed and closed. If you feel that you should not be assigned to a particular issue, please let me know.


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FLUID-5000: Migrate the 'Climate Change' demo into the master branch
FLUID-5207: Rename the preferences framework's "msgBundle" and "stringBundle"
FLUID-5217: Move 'demos' and 'tests' folders (etc?) to be sibling of 'src' instead of child
FLUID-5289: Integrate the Overview Panel with an existing Infusion demo


FLUID-4678: Discuss and settle on APIs introduced since 1.4
FLUID-4890: Firing an event to a listener registered by a destroyed component should trigger an error immediately
FLUID-5188: Deprecate anything that we plan to remove in 2.0
FLUID-5293: The model relay using "fluid.transforms.arrayToSetMembership" isn't transformed properly
FLUID-5298: strict mode breaks Infusion components in Safari


FLUID-4698: UI Options won't resize text sized with rem
FLUID-5221: The table of content switch doesn't show "on" state in full page demos


FLUID-5273: Implement the new Fluid Infusion Demo overlay
FLUID-5291: Rename demoMenu classnames to overviewPanel


FLUID-5284: switch from jslint to jshint


FLUID-5276: Create component for Fluid Infusion Overview Panel

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