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Vass, Joanna jvass at
Fri Sep 6 18:52:21 UTC 2013

Pasted below are my notes from the discovery tool discussion.



  *   increase target area of 'doesn't make sense' open button to full bar
  *   increase target area of collapse button to 40px by 40px
  *   hovering over text label isn't showing hover style for preset icon
  *   label is shifting when panel is opening/closing, have open icon align with collapse icon
  *   horizontal scrollbar sometimes is appearing on collapsed panel

'more/less contrast'

  *   font change, added specifications and mockups here<>
  *   only underlined links for 'low contrast', no bolding
  *   styling presets states in contrast themes,  added a mockup here<>
  *   no blur on drop-shadows on contrast themes
  *   invert colour on buttons and input fields (search field, next previous arrows)

'more text'

  *   expands descriptions when activated
  *   shows only for article images
  *   styling mockups here<>

'try something new'

  *   icon animation on 'more text' not playing on hover
  *   hand cursor on hover
  *   check-mark isn't animating when presets are activated
  *   smaller arrow, height of the 'w' beside it
  *   all lower case

activation checkmark drop animation

  *   text is shifting
  *   a bit faster

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