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I’m wondering about something I’ve heard about in the upcoming version of UIO, the “simplify the interface” option. As I understand it, and I haven’t heard much as of late, it essentially forces content into one column, correct? What would be the point of such a feature? 

Reason I ask is because I was made aware of a feature in Google+ this week that allows a user to turn on “accessibility” to “change the presentation of some pages to work better with screen readers and other assistive tools.” 

It appears that isn’t all that is at work here. Google is altering  their code too. It’s hard to tell what for, the altered code is just as unclear as to what purpose it serves as the unaltered code, but significant chunks of code are being changed. Anyway, not the point, rather I was interested if you offered this feature in UIO for the same reason as Google claims to? For AT? And if so, why would it help?

When anyone can.


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