API changes in Infusion

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at ocadu.ca
Thu May 30 15:55:51 EDT 2013

If you are making changes that will need to be updated or added to the documentation (whether in the Framework or any of the components), please either: update the documentation itself


or at least make brief notes on the changes on this wiki page:


A lot is changing in the Framework and component library that will affect the APIs in many places. All of these changes will need to be documented, both as updates/additions to the docs and in "migration" tutorials, where necessary.

I will monitor the Documentation Changes page and try to get a start on updating the documentation, but this should be a community effort. As the release draws nearer, we can also use this list as a task list for documentation sprints.

I've already started updating the docs with changes that went into the Framework earlier this spring; I'll try to make notes on that on the Changes page.

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