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>> Subject: Getting started with Infusion
>> Date: 24 May, 2013 12:35:33 PM MDT
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>> I’ve followed the Fat Panel UI Options tutorial (guessing at what some of the instructions referred to) and my test page doesn’t work. What should I do now? (I’ve attached the page I created and the page I think I was instructed to modify.)
>> Thanks,
>> Geoffrey

Hi, Geoffrey,

I had a look at your files, and I think I've found the problem: It's because of something missing from our documentation.

Your script needs to be run only once the document is ready, since it tries to access elements on the page. You'll need to wrap your code inside a document-ready event handler, like this:

$(document).ready(function () {

I've modified the tutorial to include this.

Another thing I notice is that you have two calls to fluid.pageEnhancer(), again probably a result of a lack of clarity in the documentation. You only need one call; the documentation starts by describing the basic call, and then explains how to modify it for the fat-panel use. It obviously gave the impression that you need both calls. I've tried to clear that up.

You mentioned in your email that you had to guess at what some of the instructions refer to. I would love to hear where you found things confusing, since we're always trying to improve our documentation. Feedback from users is especially helpful. Please feel free to ask questions here on the mailing list, or in the IRC channel for a possibly more timely response:

I hope these comments help. Please let us know how it goes, and please ask any questions you might have. We'll do what we can to get you up and running.

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