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*Hi everyone:*

Starting today I will begin work on the development of UI Options ( so I have updated
the Edwina use case with my notes and thoughts and leave it for future

The Edwina use case can be found at this link:

Branching out from the Cloud for All use cases - an area to explore through
this use case is how a user will use multiple profiles simultaneously. For
example, a student could be learning Math on a tablet in the morning, then
switch to studying for Art on the same tablet in the afternoon. Then
continue studying Art on a desktop in the evening. In each case there's a
profile specific to a topic or subject, and there's a profile specific to
the device.

Similarly, a smart phone user may have both a phone and "Do not disturb"
profile enabled during lecture, then switch to a phone and "Louder + No
Visuals" profile during the noisy walk home from school.

Perhaps there's been some thinking done on this and already addressed?

*To Lisa, Cynthia, Kate, and Shen:*

This use case is something that you may be interested in developing further
based on your experiences in the field. Perhaps a good place to start would
be to look over the "Background Story Notes" and revise as needed? Then
maybe the next step after is to consider developing a fuller narrative with
scenarios? Ultimately all this thinking will help inform the designs (i.e.
wireframes). What do you think?

I'm not washing my hands completely of Preferences for Global access since
the work on UI Options is still very much related. I'll still be around so
feel free to shoot me an email or find me on Skype (jhung_ca).

Thanks all,

- Jon.




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