Demo site

Johnny Taylor johnny at
Fri Mar 29 23:32:28 UTC 2013

Nice and clean.

A few questions to do with keyboard access. When you first come to a page with UIO present and you tab to open it, I'm wondering if a subsequent tab, once it's open, should place focus at the first item in UIO pane? Versus the first next link further down the page itself? Or is the thinking a keyboard user would know to use shift + tab to go back? And expect the focus to immediately jump to the last option in the display preferences? 

And are the preferences arranged in the order they are in for any reason? Reason I ask is the "text size" preference the most important preference? If that's they case, I wonder if it might it be a little more "intuitive" (read: easy) if a keyboard user hits shift + tab once, after opening the preferences, and it took the user to the first option instead of the last? Or would that be a recipe for disaster because you are messing with natural behaviour of the UI? Just wondering.

And when a keyboard user gets to the "colour & contrast" option the focus indication changes -- in it doesn't appear. The arrow signifies which option is chosen, not what option you will choose.

Otherwise, it's looking slick. Well done.


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