responsive web design example

Jess Mitchell jessmitchell at
Wed Mar 27 22:07:56 UTC 2013

Hey folks,

Joanna showed this to me yesterday and I got really excited about it so I just want to share it broadly here.

This is a great example of a responsively-designed website. Click the corner of your browser page and make the window different sizes to see the design decisions that have gone into making the content readable and appropriate for the size of the browser -- then keep going!

Eventually you'll get to a mobile size and see that if you fire the site up on your mobile device, it's the same. I love how we can see the decisions they made to accomplish this.

1. re-structure nav
2. lose some nav
3. lose ads and re-structure nav
4. re-structure nav into a drop down

It shows me that fundamentally when there's little screen real estate, best to have a prominent search, very simplified nav, and some well-structure and presented content up front.

Anyone see anything else going on that I'm missing?

Thanks Joanna!


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