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Tue Mar 19 15:28:36 UTC 2013

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for your quick response!

On 2013-03-19, at 11:19 AM, "Valles, Heidi" <hvalles at> wrote:

> Right now fullscreen is absolutely positioned to leave space for the transcripts window on the right, which is why 1) and 2) you mentioned are issues. We did this because we were unable to find a cross-browser css solution that looked good consistently, with the current markup. Maybe if we revisit the way divs are layered/structured next time around, a more fluid full-screen cross-browser layout would be possible. Till then, we had to go with what worked and looked good!

Okay, fair enough. Do you have a sense of how much time it would take to address this issue for the next release of Video Player?

> As for WP styling, I think our additions were pretty minimal. We tweaked the max-width of the player so that it fit within our content area. This led to some other tweaking for the play overlay. But we also set a background colour to video-element, to improve the display of our widescreen vids, and this should likely be added to the core. I'll create a jira for this.

Cool. I'm wondering if perhaps some of this styling advice is the sort of thing that we'd want to offer as documentation to a user of the Video Player? "How to make the Video Player look amazing in your site." What do you think?


Colin Clark

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