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Hi Justin,

Thanks for taking a look, and your feedback.
I think you have a good point on questioning where the options should be. When working on UI options, we had some ideas on how and where the options would appear/expand. If you take a look at our latest stable design for UI options, the "keyboard shortcut list" is displayed as a float panel ( I think the reason for that is because the user usually wants to check a shortcut fast; therefore having an easy way of accessing available shortcuts makes sense. I think what I mean is that the user does not need to see the webpage when on the options menu, unlike other UI options such as text to speech and simplify. But maybe "add/edit" and "more options" should be under advanced preferences (
I cannot imagine that there would be a way to detect the keyboard layout through the browser. I had some ideas for having options for different layouts, but they all would take away from the simplicity or were confusing. It would be great if we could find a way around detecting it.


On 2013-03-08, at 8:49 AM, Justin Obara <obara.justin at<mailto:obara.justin at>> wrote:

Hi Arash,

Thanks for sending this out. Looks like things are coming together. After a first read though, there are only a couple of things that come to mind.

1) Is there a reason for having the keyboard shortcuts options outside of UI Options and away from the other settings?

2) While I like the idea of showing the user the key command interaction on the keyboard, I'm not sure there is a reliable way to detect the actual keyboard layout through the browser. I'm not sure if anyone else knows, or if we'll have to do some investigation around this.

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Hi all,

I have created a page for the second iteration on keyboard shortcuts:<>

After having some feedback and thinking, I have made some changes to the first concept. The focus was on making the user experience flow simpler and a better path between different components.

Here are some of the changes I have made for the second concept:

1) Top panel
* Presets are moved to “More options” on the edit panel
* Add/edit shortcuts button is moved under options
* Added description of KBS activation key

2) Options panel
* Option panel has two options: “available keyboard shortcuts” and “add/edit keyboard shortcuts”

3) Available shortcuts
* “This page” shortcuts: shortcuts that are specific for the current page.
* Recommended shortcuts: the most usable shortcuts for the current page.
* View all shortcuts: brings up all the available shortcuts.

4) Available shortcuts expanded
* Gives an overview of what shortcuts each category has.
* Indicates what order keys are modified for each shortcut.
* User could also access “edit keyboard shortcuts” by pressing the link on bottom of the panel.

5) Add/edit keyboard shortcuts
* Ability to customize different categories.
* The input box beside each option indicates what keys are used for each shortcut, and in what order.
* Empty boxes show witch available shortcuts are not assigned yet.
* Keyboard preview helps the user focus on the screen by letting the see their interactions highlighted on the keyboard.
* By hovering on top of shortcuts, an animation of the keys, and their order appears on keyboard preview.
* Keyboard preview also shows available, and unavailable options, and “multi-function keys”.
* “Save” and “More options” buttons are at the bottom right.

6) More options
* Keyboard shortcuts activation key: it would be easier for the user to access and modify this key by having it separated, under more options.
* Slow key settings (time between keys): gives user the ability to set how much time they need between pressing keys (keys like: C then S).
* Key sound: A click sound indicating when a key is pressed down, and when it is released.
* Presets: Gives user the ability to create different keyboard shortcut presets for different sates and contexts.

Please feel free to send your comments, and it will be great to have your feedback on this concept.


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