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Wed Mar 6 18:25:51 UTC 2013

Hi again Alex,

On 2013-03-06, at 10:09 AM, "Novak, Alexey" <anovak at> wrote:

> So if I understand you correctly, Amara component can use the first listed video source in order to pull available list of captions. VP can do this since most likely all sources listed in the videoPlayer would point to the same videoID and only one source would be used by the VP anyway.

Yes, that sounds exactly right.

> We could possible add an extra logic to deal with the case you mentioned, when list of URLs associated with the video have different videoIDs. For example we could query each source to get the videoID and chose the source which has the most frequently seen id. Although this extra logic sounds like an overkill, since it is a solution (possibly for a very rare case) with potentially adding extra jsonp requests. What do you think?

It wouldn't hurt to have a quick look at some Amara HTML5 videos and see if there's ever a problem with this. I imagine most subtitles will get added to a video via their widget, and I assume that it is smart enough to fold in all the video URLs under a single video ID. Can we double check that this is the case?

My impression is, as you say, that this case will be extremely rare.

> As for the videoID, I am currently using Amara API 2.0 ( to get the list of available captions using just a video URL. In 2.0 when you do a request using a video url it returns the list of available captions AND videoID in one request (as well as extra data such as description, when created, array all_urls, original language, title, …).

That's good. Let's use the 2.0 version of the API, since the older one has been deprecated.


Colin Clark

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