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Hi Alex,

2) Language menus (menu for Captions language, menu for Transcripts language, menu for Audio Descriptions language….) are updated after a delay since Amara component uses an asynchronous call to grab the list of available captions on<>.
Should we show some kind of interface notification in the VP language menus to signify that the list of languages are not complete yet and that more languages should appear once they are got fetched from the server?

That seems like the best option - an animated overlay on top of the captions button or a message when the menu is opened to indicate that more caption may be available.

What should happen in the case when user sets UIO language setting to be Spanish and after some time a VP returns Spanish as one of the available languages on Amara?
Example: UIO language settings are set to Spanish but Spanish language is not present in the VP language menus.
User changed captions to French in VP since it is the second language (s)he knows.
Amara component returned the list of available captions and Spanish is one of them.
Does VP needs to switch captions to Spanish or leave them French?

If the captions are automatically switched to Spanish, I'm worried it may come off as if there is something wrong with captions. I think they should remain in French and the user can look for other languages available once the captions loading notification disappears.

Another option could be that if the user has indicated they always want captions, no captions are shown until all captions are fetched, or their primary choice is found. The user could receive a notification indicating that captions are being gathered. From there, they would either receive the appropriate captions or another notification indicating the requested language is not available and an option to request them. I'm assuming though that the process to fetch captions wouldn't take long?

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