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Wed Mar 6 16:12:13 UTC 2013

Hi there,

Here are some issues that I came across, when I was trying it out in different browsers:
1. In order to use a keyboard for controlling the video, the focus has to be on the video player. This usually works by clicking on the video, which does not seem to be the case with our video player.

2. On Chrome and Safari, when the focus is on the player, pressing the spacebar works as play/pause toggle, but it also scrolls down to the bottom of the page (it seems to be working fine on Firefox).

3. When you click somewhere on the progress bar (for example 0:09/1:45), and pause the video later on, it always shows the progress bar at 0:09.

I was also wondering if we have keyboard shortcuts for captions, full screen, and transcripts.



On 2013-03-05, at 3:35 PM, "Cheetham, Anastasia" <acheetham at> wrote:

> The VideoPlayer WordPress plugin has now been updated to the v0.1 tag of the VideoPlayer and deployed on the dev IDI site. You can see it in action at
> We would appreciate feedback to let us know if you think this is ready for deployment on the development site. Please have a look, try it out on different browsers, and share your feedback here on the list.
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