Feedback requested - IE8 issues with keyboard a11y affecting Video Player v0.1 release

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Fri Mar 1 16:07:04 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

After doing testing of the Video Player in IE8, we have run across a number
of keyboard accessibility issues on that browser. The significant issues
are as follows:

   1.  VP-284 <> - In IE8,
   keyboard scrubbing stops working after attempting to scrub
   2.  VP-279 <> - In IE8,
   invisible full screen button is tab focusable. Going full screen removes
   video player from tab order upon returning to normal mode.
   3.  VP-278 <> - In IE8,
   focus appears on video player container, but activates UIO instead
   4.  VP-277 <> - Pressing
   space on the video container does not start the video in IE9 and IE8
   5.  VP-93 <> - In IE8 mute
   and unmute using keyboard pushes focus onto Transcripts button.

These issues and other IE8 issues can be found on this page: Current IE8
issues in Video

The combination of these issues make the keyboard experience in IE8 feel
broken. Since we are planning on releasing soon, we need to decide what to
do with these keyboard IE8 issues.

Option 1: Release v0.1 of video player with these known issues (and fix
them at a later time)
Option 2: Hold back release of v0.1 and address some of these issues (exact
time / resource commitment is to be determined)
Option 3: ?

Feedback, opinions, and suggestions are welcome.

- Jon.




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