Notes from Discovery Tool tasking meeting June 26, 2013

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Thu Jun 27 13:23:11 UTC 2013

We had been discussing if it would even be possible to implement the "increase cursor" size option. I've done a quick google search which has produced a couple of stackoverflow threads on the issue. (there is a link to a demo on this one).

In short we can't really do this with CSS alone. We will need to use a DOM element to follow the cursor. The cursor can be hidden so that it looks like the styled element below is actually the real cursor. However, this may interfere with DOM events that we were expecting to be triggered by the cursor (e.g. hover effects, and etc.).


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> The UI Options team is planning to implement a prototype of the Discovery Tool in July. Today, we met to review the wireframes and discuss what we would be implementing, and how.
> Wireframes:
> GPII preference and preset sorting
> PiratePad notes: (might not always work)
> A summary of the notes in the PiratePad are provided below.
> Goals for the Discovery Tool:
> 1. Address the meta cognition issue
> 2. Create a safe space to play around with preferences and see what they do
> 3. Built right into the context where the user is - do not require a change in mode
> Clarification of some of the functionality:
> * presets are on/off, no other adjustments of settings
> * "Try Something New" button randomly selects presets to be set
> * "Save preferences" button takes user to the PCP
> Of the various presets shown in the mock-ups, our first pass at a subset to implement for the prototype is:
> 1. Simplify
> 2. Zoom
> 3. Contrast
> Discussions of parts that need to be implemented
> ================================================
> Panel at the bottom of the page:
> - could implemented as a UIO "fat panel" that pops up from bottom instead of pulling down from top
> -- the preset 'buttons' would be settings panels
> - 'try something new' chooses and applies
> - still to determine: how many are selected by randomizer
> - user can un-choose anything that the randomizer has chosen
> - still to decide how presets would affect panel itself
> Save Preferences functionality
> - to start, will simply pop up a dialog that says "This will take user to PCP"
> Contrast
> - discover tool would only implement one colour combination
> - colours, font face and font weight
> -- we have no exiting code to do font weight
> Increase Size
> - increase font size and increase cursor size
> -- we have no exiting code to increase cursor size
> Simplify
> - see Simplify - Option 2 mock-up on
> - we have the ClimateChange demo work already done
> - increases text size, increases line spacing and ToC
> -- we have no code for the collapsible ToC
> Dictionary
> - need an open API for a dictionary service. see for possibilities?
> - picture dictionary would be nice
> Next Steps
> ==========
> Decide which presets we're going to implement in July
> - discuss this at Thursday noon meeting
> - meet on Friday at 1pm to finalize this
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