Notes from Discovery Tool tasking meeting June 26, 2013

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Wed Jun 26 20:38:38 UTC 2013

The UI Options team is planning to implement a prototype of the Discovery Tool in July. Today, we met to review the wireframes and discuss what we would be implementing, and how.


GPII preference and preset sorting

PiratePad notes: (might not always work)

A summary of the notes in the PiratePad are provided below.

Goals for the Discovery Tool:
1. Address the meta cognition issue
2. Create a safe space to play around with preferences and see what they do
3. Built right into the context where the user is - do not require a change in mode

Clarification of some of the functionality:
* presets are on/off, no other adjustments of settings
* "Try Something New" button randomly selects presets to be set
* "Save preferences" button takes user to the PCP

Of the various presets shown in the mock-ups, our first pass at a subset to implement for the prototype is:
1. Simplify
2. Zoom
3. Contrast

Discussions of parts that need to be implemented

Panel at the bottom of the page:
- could implemented as a UIO "fat panel" that pops up from bottom instead of pulling down from top
-- the preset 'buttons' would be settings panels
- 'try something new' chooses and applies
- still to determine: how many are selected by randomizer
- user can un-choose anything that the randomizer has chosen
- still to decide how presets would affect panel itself

Save Preferences functionality
- to start, will simply pop up a dialog that says "This will take user to PCP"

- discover tool would only implement one colour combination
- colours, font face and font weight
-- we have no exiting code to do font weight

Increase Size
- increase font size and increase cursor size
-- we have no exiting code to increase cursor size

- see Simplify - Option 2 mock-up on
- we have the ClimateChange demo work already done
- increases text size, increases line spacing and ToC
-- we have no code for the collapsible ToC

- need an open API for a dictionary service. see for possibilities?
- picture dictionary would be nice

Next Steps

Decide which presets we're going to implement in July
- discuss this at Thursday noon meeting
- meet on Friday at 1pm to finalize this

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