UIO Strategy meeting recap

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Not sure about this, but possibly. I guess it would make sense.


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> On 2013-06-12, at 9:07 AM, Justin Obara wrote:
>> Thanks for writing this up. It looks good, there is just one additional bit. In the case of the UIO + Page Enhancer for the starter set, we would likely have a single grade. This grade would have been the union of the "fluid.uiOpitons.starterSettingsPanels", "fluid.uiEnhancer.starterEnactors", and "fluid.uiOptions.starterSettingsSchema" grades. This is to make it a bit easier for an integrator to just get started.
> Ok, I'll update that.
> What about for the separate UIO and Page Enhancer? Would they have a single grade that includes the two grades currently shown on the wiki page?
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