Proposal for Model Transformations - rename use of "expander" to "transform"

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at Colorado.EDU
Tue Jun 11 17:05:12 UTC 2013

This was discussed during Colin's recent visit to Boulder. I've written 
up the main requirement as - which I was reminded 
of during today's UIO strategy conversation today with Justin, Yura, 
Cindy and Anastasia - in order to improve the ModelRelay system as 
Anastasia has written up as, we first need to 
supply a system whereby we can freely mix model transformations 
documents with general IoC material. This is currently not possible as a 
result of the ambiguity in meaning of "expander" which has an unrelated 
implementation in the two systems.

The proposal is to rename the use of "expander" in all model 
transformation documents to "transform" as both being more intelligible 
and descriptive as well as not colliding with our use of "expander". The 
exact keyword used will be configurable as an option to the 
ModelTransformations system, enabling us to support old documents if we 
require (in particular until the next GPII release cycle).

Please supply any questions, comments or other proposals -


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