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Hi All,

We have put together a wiki
describes the family of tools that we are developing across both the Cloud
for All (GPII) and the Preferences for Global Access projects.  On the wiki
page you will find a hierarchy of tool features, a description of the tools
and their functions, and a map of entry points into the tools.

Note that we have changed the way we refer to some of the tools such that
the Preference Management Tool (PMT) is now referred to as the *Full Editor
*and the Personal Control Panel (PCP) is now referred to as the *Quick
Editor*.  The *Preference Editor *refers to both tools in general. We
believe that these names more clearly reflect the functions of the tools.

A mock-up of a user interface is also shown on the wiki page - the
intention of this mock-up is only to demonstrate the tool features in the
hierarchy and does not fully describe the designs for either the Full
Editor or the Quick Editor. These designs are in progress, and can be found
at the following wiki pages: Discovery
 and Preference
Note that the Preference Editor mock-ups show the Full Editor, with the
exception of the final wireframe, which demonstrates the Quick Editor.

Our intention in developing this family of tools is to provide a range of
flexible user interfaces with varying complexities and varying levels of
interaction that will meet the needs of users in a wide range of states and

Your feedback is welcome!

Dana, Joanna and Jess
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