Choosing a Content Simplification Option

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Thu Jun 6 17:53:59 UTC 2013

Do we have any examples of websites we've found in the wild, or even our web sites, that will be amenable to this sort of simplification mechanism more or less out of the box?

In other words, do we have evidence of real websites that already present themselves so responsively that UIO could just tweak a few class names and it would all work?


Colin Clark

On 2013-06-06, at 10:21 AM, Justin Obara <obara.justin at> wrote:

>> I guess it's good Colin asked his questions, because my recollection is not quite what Michelle described. Comments in-line below.
>> On 2013-06-05, at 11:43 AM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:
>>> Option 1 - Responsive Layout
>>> In this design, when simplify is on, the small screen experience is delivered to the user. Although we still need to explore how we'd do this technically, it likely means that we would fetch and include the small screen stylesheet in the page.
>> My understanding was that the only thing this option would do would be to narrow the view, triggering whatever responsive designs the website already has. I did *not( have the impression that this would involve us fetching stylesheets, merely adding a designated class to the body. The website's responsive styles, triggered by a media query, would also have to be triggered by the presence of the class.
>> The mock-ups show a slider for this option, providing various widths. We decided we'd start with simply two widths, the default and a minimum (i.e. an on-off switch), and that we could expand it to a multi-value slider in a future iteration.
> My understanding of option 1 is that the onus will be on the integrator to provide the correct styles. In some cases this may mean piggybacking on the responsive styles, others it might be slightly alternate styles. These decisions will be up to the designer/integrator of the site. In terms of work for us, we'll need to support a mechanism for switching between styles; which may be a class on the body. Our demo and integrations that we perform will need to have these design decisions thought out and implemented, and can be used as examples for others.

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