The Future of FSS

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Wed Jul 3 14:24:47 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

Recently Justin, Heidi, and I have been talking about FSS and we were
wondering if we should continue maintaining FSS or transition to a new

Specifically, it seems that browser standards compliance, third party CSS
frameworks (like Twitter's Bootstrap), and CSS languages (like Sass/SCSS,
or Less) have advanced sufficiently that it could replace FSS. However, if
we make a change to using a CSS framework, this will affect other Infusion
components like UI Options.

Conversely, maintaining FSS is complex due to:
- the different theme implementations (FSS comes with 10 themes)
- the FSS CSS itself is like the API (modifications must be done with
consideration to the effect on end users)
- lack of resources to maintain and improve it (some styling methods used
in FSS seem a bit antiquated like using .PNG images to create different
button borders for themes).

Also FSS doesn't seem to be used much by our components aside from FSS
reset, contrast, and input sizing.

Therefore, I would like to open a discussion on the future of FSS as an
Infusion Framework component given the issues with maintenance, and
availability of possible alternatives.

Do we:
1. maintain status quo (no changes)
2. explore re-implementing FSS using another framework like Bootstrap (and
keep FSS classnames the same)
3. deprecate FSS

Options 2 and 3 will have an effect on current Infusion components which we
will need to explore.

Coming to some sort of decision soon will help us with current work on
converting FSS' image icons into fonts, and creating contrast themes for
the Discovery Tool.

Please chime in and give your thoughts.

- Jon.




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