Floe Video Player Wordpress Plugin UI exploration

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at ocadu.ca
Thu Jan 24 17:15:36 UTC 2013

> I have listed the major pieces of functionality on this wiki page:  http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/%28Floe%29+Video+Player+Wordpress+Plugin+Exploration

I've updated the wiki page with a bit more specificity about the functionality.

Regarding your questions:

> 1. Is any other metadata information required? i.e. author, description / summary, primary language, etc?

At this time, no other information is supported.

> 2. Are any of the fields mandatory? I assume the Video URL and format are the only required fields?

At least one videoUrl/format combination is mandatory. Any additional ones are optional.

Captions and transcripts are not mandatory, however, if they are added, all information for the file is mandatory: url-or-name, format and language

> 3. How common is the Amara use case for either Transcript or Captions?

I think that remains to be seen :-)

> 4. Can JSONcc or VTT resources be loaded from an URL?

Not at this time, due to cross-site scripting restrictions.

> 5. Can the type of caption / transcript be detected given an URL?

I suspect not, given that we can't count on what people will name their files.

> 6. Can an Amara transcript or Amara caption be uploaded locally or must it always be specified with an URL?

AFAIK, it must be an URL.

Amara is a service that hosts captions for videos. In this case, the URL is actually the URL of a video that has Amara captions on the Amara site. Even if it happened to be uploaded to the local WordPress instance, the Amara captions would have to be referenced using the full URL of the WordPress-hosted video; that's just how Amara works.

The URL will not necessarily be the same as one of the video urls: it will include a language code (since it refers to a specific language of caption). For example (taken from our demo), if the original video is a youtube video
Amara might host two captions, referenced using these urls:

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