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Hi Jon,

Thanks for testing and filing these jiras. 

For FLUID-4902 you can reach the scub bar by using option-tab. I'm not entirely sure why, but for some elements in safari you have to use this combination to reach them. I left a comment on the jira. I think this probably can just be closed now, but I'll let you decide.


On 2013-01-18, at 11:12 AM, Jonathan Hung <jhung at ocadu.ca> wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I have been doing some rigorous manual testing of the Video Player and have come across a few issues. Thankfully majority of the issues are not major interaction concerns, but there are three in particular I would consider Blockers:
> FLUID-4889: Transcripts do not appear (Mac) or disappear (Windows) in Fullscreen Firefox Video Player
> FLUID-4901: In IE8 mute and unmute using keyboard pushes focus onto Transcripts button.
> FLUID-4902: Can not tab focus scrub bar in Safari
> FLUID-4900: In IE8, video player container not receiving focus
> FLUID-4899: Volume tool tip moves when slider is in use IE8
> FLUID-4897: Pressing pause causes scrubber to jump backward in time
> FLUID-4896: Focus jumps to previously focused text if mouse click is on white space in the transcript
> FLUID-4895: In Firefox volume button has improper focus style when mute/unmute is clicked
> FLUID-4894: Transcript menu clipped at edge of screen using keyboard
> FLUID-4892: Language drop-down selector does not open using keyboard
> FLUID-4891: Transcript scrolls slowly when time is scrubbed
> FLUID-4888: Native controls appear behind custom controls when enabling Captions (Chrome, Safari)
> There is another issue where keyboard scrubbing in Firefox causes loss of focus. However I have not been able to reproduce this consistently and therefore has not been filed.
> I have added the 3 proposed blockers to the development planning wiki page:
> http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/FLOE+Video+Player+Development+Planning
> Testing is not exhaustive so it shouldn't be assumed that there are not any other bugs to be found.
> Feel free to comment or give feedback. 
> - Jon.
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