Community status of jqUnit.js

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at
Thu Jan 17 21:18:45 UTC 2013

Long ago (perhaps even as early as 2006) we embarked on an XUnit-style wrapper for the QUnit testing 
framework which has since come to be managed by the jQuery community. At the time, this was on the basis of 
increased familiarity by Java and C++ developers with the XUnit-style - for better or worse, we have 
accumulated a huge codebase of tests expressed in this style, as well as a number of utilities which we find 
useful in our community (for example, for comparing trees of Fluid Renderer components).

As part of the rationalisation work required by and it was found to simplify the code loading idiom 
considerably of our jqUnit and associated platform support libraries in the browser and node.js environments 
to give it a dependence on our core framework file Fluid.js. Over the years, the position of jqUnit has 
become progressively clearer as something we could not expect to reasonably offer or support to groups 
outside the Fluid community - but I am sending this mail to check on consensus for this point - the pull 
requests in question are under review now, and so this de facto decision could be reversed if we decided 
that we really wanted to prepare and support jqUnit as something of wider interest outside Fluid.


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