Proposal for a more modular Infusion

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Thu Jan 10 15:41:37 UTC 2013

Infusion as it stands right now is comprised of a single repository containing the core framework, ui widgets, and third party dependencies. When someone wants to use our code, they can check it out of github ( ) or go to the builder to assemble a customized build ( ). 

As Infusion and our work grows and expands we are seeing new components crop up, like the Video Player, and a greater requirement for uses of the framework apart from the widgets. It seems that we are coming to a point where a more modular approach would be beneficial. 

This would mean that the existing code and any new pieces added would be separated into modules. These modules would live in their own repository and have their own jira project to track their issues.

To facilitate this, the following would be needed:

Define the lines where the modules should be separated upon
could use the current module system used by the builder
may want to provide further modulization for specific browser support (i.e. IE6 support)
Create a new builder that can assemble the various modules as a collection of git repos or subrepos
Move the modules into new repos
Create new jira projects for each module and relocate past jiras
Develop a method for linking dependencies across modules for development

Currently we do not have the resources available for such broad sweeping changes. However, we can begin to move towards this with our new components like Video Player. Video Player is an ideal candidate as it already lives in its own repo and would just need to have it's own jira project. Further changes can happen iteratively as we come across specific needs and/or resources to facilitate them.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or further comments to add.

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