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Hi all

After looking at a naming convention for the design files that get uploaded to the wiki, and the conversations that were carried out with the design team, we have explored and thought of some suggestions that might work for the (design) naming convention. Having said that, a complex problem like this needs a lot of feedback from different prospective and point of views.

The breakdown of the thought process is provided below;

Who is going to see it?
•    IDRC Designers
•    Other collogues at IDRC
•    Collaborators

Why we need it?
•    Show the design process
•    Have a easier way to organize files
•    Easier way to upload the files to wiki
•    Make things easier to find

What should be included in the name? The following are thoughts…
•    Project name (e.g.  uio)
•    Project description (e.g. float panel)
•    Project (design) process (e.g. development)
•    Revision number (e.g. development2)
•    File type (e.g. .pdf)

•    Identify the file’s location (eg; exploration), process (e.g. Ideation)
•    Should be simple and meaningful to everyone
•    The name should not change after uploading to wiki

Please let me know if you have ideas that we could add to the thought process.

I think by including the “design process” in the file name by using words that everyone could understand, it would give history and process to the evolution of the file.

Some terms that could be used to describe the process and progress of the design are:
1)    Ideation/Exploration
2)    Development
3)    Further development/Refinement
4)    Testing
5)    Final
6)    More solutions

Therefore the suggested file naming convention would have the following format:

If this system works, we imagine that this list (design steps) would modify, adapt, and grow in the future. If you have any suggestions, or any other points that could help with optimizing this naming convention, please let us know.

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