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Thu Feb 28 14:12:09 UTC 2013

Here are some additional ideas:

1. Storyboarder
Create a transcript of a video with both visuals and captions. This way you
can visually read what a video is communicating without having to play the
video. This is useful for users who have attention needs, students doing
learning review, or users who can not or prefer not to play video (i.e.
noisy environment, slow system, or poor internet connection).

2. Keyword Highlighter
Scan a document and emphasize key words. This way a user can quickly scan a
document and get an impression of the contents without having to read
deeply. Optionally, key words can link to additional content (i.e.
definitions, wiki articles, etc.).

3. Personal Push Pins
A user can drop a push pin at any location on a page and return to that
location later. This is different from a bookmark which only saves a
resource location, a push pin would save a location within the content
itself. Possibly, pins can be dropped on temporal media (i.e. video), so
that jumping to that pin will also advance the video to that specified
time. This is useful for saving progress and as a learning and memory aid.

- Jon.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 4:20 PM, Justin Obara <obara.justin at>wrote:

> At today's community meeting we brainstormed potential GSoC projects. They
> are listed below. Please let us know if you have any more suggestions. Once
> we are done collecting potential projects we should start to rank these
> based on interest and difficulty.
> Thanks
> Justin
>    - IoC Visualization
>    - Framework Exemplar (demo that showcases from the simple to complex,
>    how to use the framework)
>    - Fluid Video Player plugins (i.e. for drupal, aTutor, etc.)
>    - New build scripts, possibly with grunt
>    - GPII proxy for Word Press and etc.
>    - Accessible webrtc conference solution
>    - Continuation of the "Inclusive web based musical instruments" project
>    - New UIO preferences/transformations (e.g. self voicing)
>    - Something for Firefox OS
>    - Canvas accessibility
>    - New Infusion components
>    - Upgrades to existing components (e.g. around use of the new
>    framework)
>    - Something touch based, perhaps new components, or upgrading old
>    component e.g. reorderer
>    - IoC tree static analyzer
>    - Dev tools for viewing docs and code of infusion components at a
>    glance.
>    - Infusion IDE plugins
>    - Authoring tool
> Thanks
> Justin
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