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Justin Obara obara.justin at
Wed Feb 27 21:20:13 UTC 2013

At today's community meeting we brainstormed potential GSoC projects. They are listed below. Please let us know if you have any more suggestions. Once we are done collecting potential projects we should start to rank these based on interest and difficulty.


IoC Visualization
Framework Exemplar (demo that showcases from the simple to complex, how to use the framework)
Fluid Video Player plugins (i.e. for drupal, aTutor, etc.)
New build scripts, possibly with grunt
GPII proxy for Word Press and etc.
Accessible webrtc conference solution
Continuation of the "Inclusive web based musical instruments" project
New UIO preferences/transformations (e.g. self voicing)
Something for Firefox OS
Canvas accessibility
New Infusion components
Upgrades to existing components (e.g. around use of the new framework)
Something touch based, perhaps new components, or upgrading old component e.g. reorderer
IoC tree static analyzer
Dev tools for viewing docs and code of infusion components at a glance.
Infusion IDE plugins
Authoring tool

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