PGA: wireframing first ideas

tona monjo tonamonjo at
Tue Feb 26 17:29:48 UTC 2013

Hi all,

After working on use cases, we are exploring first ideas for PGA in some
sketches (attached to this message).

As you will see, these sketches still don't contain real categories for
preferences (Jon is working on them). Their main goal is to define a
flexible, scalable base in which we can later include all categories and

They neither include still the process for the first-time user that can
consists on a wizard or some kind of guiding.

Besides evolving these initial ideas, we are working on two main issues for
the next versions of the wireframes:

   - allow the user to directly manipulate items in the page (with options
   that can appear attached to each item).
   - in the menu, make more affordable the preferences closely related to
   the one that the user is currently modifying.

Please feel free to send your comments. It will be great to have your
feedback about these first ideas.


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