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Thu Feb 21 04:37:23 UTC 2013

Hi Heidi,

It looks like you're making some really good progress!

On 2013-02-20, at 4:32 PM, "Valles, Heidi" <hvalles at> wrote:

> hey everyone,
> As you may know, Anastasia and I have been working on a wordpress plugin for integrating the video player into the IDI website. 
> Here's where we're at now:
> A few notes:
> -Started off with a very large file, so resized it in iMovie.
> - .webm format seems to be the most successful for getting captions to display (issues with mp4 and ogv), so converted from mp4 to this using iFFmpeg ( Had quality issues with Miro Converter. Hopefully this helps other integrators.

What are the specific issues you're facing with captions with MPEG-4 movies?

Ogg is pretty well an unsupported container format at this point, so don't worry about it (or transcoding into ogv at all). MPEG-4, however, is a critical container format. WebM only works on Firefox and Chrome. For Safari, we need to use the H264 codec within an m4v container.

In the medium term, Mozilla is finally adding H264 support to Firefox, so it, along with the m4v container, will become the defacto standard for web video. We want it to work excellently with our video player.

> -The video is widescreen and as you can see, this looks a little strange in the VP. With transcripts on, there's a space above the video that looks misaligned. Also the controls seem to float up from an elusive bottom edge. Adding a background colour and vertically centring the video should help. Youtube videos do this ( for comparison) so we can likely add it to our custom css. Though perhaps nice to have in VP proper.

Yes, that sounds like a good feature to have out of the box. Great suggestion!


Colin Clark

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