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Hi all,

Thanks for sharing these articles. I came across a few interesting alternative physical inputs on my research on alternative keyboards. But the most interesting one to me was Maky Maky ( which lets you make your own keyboard, and gives the ability to create anything into a key. I wonder what you guys think about this, and if remapping and creating your own keyboard would be the solution.


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That is great, thanks. But what was of interest to me, at least, was the mention of "alternative keyboards" -- now that I've begun to casually explore "remapping" mine (QWERTY is really so inefficient for me). I've tried Dvorak, years ago, and it didn't click for whatever reason. I'm thinking I wasn't in the right head space to switch. But ever since reading Blake "Watson's post More efficient typing with the Chubon keyboard layout" <> I've been really contemplating the switch. More food for thought. Interesting times. Thanks.


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... And the solution is inclusion

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Hi all,

Today's FastCoDesign contains an interesting article about Flesky<>, a new keyboard app that efficiently corrects typing errors. I've thought it can be inspiring for us:


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