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Mon Feb 11 14:59:48 UTC 2013

I updated the current Matrix tab for the Mada Center Self Assessment Tool

Lisa Pertides told be she had seen it in Qatar. I found a link and reviewed
it. It is a very nice tool for a broad range of disabilities. It is,
however, very Windows centric. Some tools like the Vu-bar are great tools
but they are not open at the moment. We might be able to change that. Some

   Depends heavily on the use of videos to show a person how to use and
   configure system settings and add-on tools. This will be fine except for
   situations where people are extremely low vision or blind. So, we might
   consider using different strategies for gathering preferences based on
   some questions to the user. The problem for blind and low vision is that
   you don't really get the context of where you are operating from a video
   Vu-bar is a very simple, yet impressive tool in that allows a reading
   impaired user to isolate text while reading. The bar isolates text you
   want to read (a line of text) and you could very its aperture. What is
   nice about it is that it floats above the text without having to
   transcode the content. We need more tools like this. The challenge is
   that you do have to constantly adjust the aperature for the text size on
   each page. It would have been good if the tool could have been smarter
   in analyzing the font attributes to do this automatically. We need
   better tools for dyslexic reading impairments, etc. What Vu-bar does
   provide is an adaptive way of progressive enhancement by the user which
   we will need for learning and reading impairments above all.
   From looking at the good tools for learning and cognitive, I don't think
   a wizzard will be enough. We are going to need constant adaptation. I
   believe that fatigue will become a factor as the learner goes throughout
   the day.

All: There is a lot of missing data in the matrix. For example, Fitness for
Life is completely empty.

Shari it would be very good if you could write up the keyboard adaptation
work in WebAdapt2Me I have a table entry for it in the current page tab of
the matrix.

Clayton, would you please point me to some preference gathering research
you did at the University. I would like to dig into what the tools are
doing for learning and cognitive wrt. progressive adaptation and which
settings are being repeatedly during the course of a days operation of the


Rich Schwerdtfeger
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