Grunt build scripts update from today's community meeting

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Wed Aug 14 20:24:59 UTC 2013

At today's community meeting we decided to start building the grunt based build scripts from scratch as opposed to trying to build out tasks to drive with ant. We will attempt to make our tasks such that they can be pulled out and driven with ant, or easily modified to do so, if needed.

For this first pass at switching from ant to grunt, we want to ensure that it is feature pair. Once this is achieved we can switch Infusion to use the new build scripts and continue to add in the more advanced features we have mentioned in the wiki.

This is the list of the core features of the current ant based build-scripts, please feel free to update anything that is missing:

Minify js files
Concatenate js files
Create zip bundles
Generate UIO Themes
Rewrite URL's in demos/unit tests for relase testing
change URL's to point at the concatenated js file
Dependency Management
Include modules
Exclude modules

The current work for minification can be seen in my github repo


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