Former comment on FLUID-4907 branch

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at
Wed Aug 7 20:47:09 UTC 2013

Hi cindyli - given our lack of logs, I'm resurrecting my comment about 
this branch in the channel just now. It was a comment on a former line 
84 of Builder.js which has now become outdated. Broadly similar material 
now seems to be in place around line 94 -

  src/components/uiOptions/js/Builder.js outdated diff
  @@ -0,0 +1,150 @@
  +    fluid.defaults("fluid.uiOptions.assembler.uie", {
  +        gradeNames: ["autoInit", "fluid.viewComponent", 
  +        components: {
  +            store: {
  +                type: "fluid.globalSettingsStore"
  +            },
  +            enhancer: {
  +                type: "fluid.uiEnhancer",
  +                container: "body",
  +                options: {
  +                    gradeNames: 
  +                    listeners: {
  +                        onCreate: {
  +                            listener: "fluid.set",
  +                            args: [fluid.staticEnvironment, 
"uiEnhancer", "{that}"]

  amb26 repo collab 5 days ago
This action now occurs in two places - firstly in the "pageEnhancer" 
component, and now in this "assembler" - we need to ensure that it 
occurs in just one place, and somewhere where the user can easily access 
it. Can we rewrite the pageEnhancer in terms of this "assembler"? It 
seems all that is required is a more flexible binding to the 
"gradeNames" option on line 80

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