Summer of Code Idea Follow up

Ashwini Khare khare.ashwini at
Sun Apr 28 12:18:45 EDT 2013


I went through the ideas list floated for this year's Summer of Code and
was particularly interested in the  "Accessible WebRTC Collaboration with
Infusion". The reason being I had used WebRTC to create a peer to peer
video chatting client in a hackathon recently. The code is available here

I would love to discuss this idea further but mentors have not been listed
in the ideas page. Have they not been finalized yet? Since no mentors were
listed I am posting it in the mailing list. It would be great if someone
can direct me whome to contact over IRC to discuss more about this project.


*Ashwini Khare*
Undergraduate (Third year)
Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee)
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